<h3>A Leader in Business and Residential Asphalt Paving</h3><h5>No job is too small or too big for Laymans Contracting, Inc. We take pride in every paving project from start to finish.<br/><br/><a href=" our-services.html " "> Learn More ›</a></h5> <h3>Protect Your Investment with Sealcoating</h3><h5>Laymans Contracting, Inc. provides paving maintenance services that will keep your roadways, parking lots and driveways looking and performing like new.<br/><br/><a href=" our-services.html " "> Learn More ›</a></h5> <h3>Trucking and Excavating</h3><h5>If you want the convenience of hiring professionals to haul everything from topsoil to asphalt, you can trust Laymans Contracting, Inc.<br/><br/><a href=" our-services.html " "> Learn More ›</a></h5>

A well-kept driveway or parking area helps create a positive first impression of your home or business. Laymans Contracting, Inc. can pave the way to a better-looking driveway, parking area or road.

Since 1972, Laymans Contracting has been providing professional paving, sealcoating, trucking and excavating for Northern NJ and Eastern Pa.

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